Météorites Flocons Enchantés*

COSMOGEN designed the previous jar that GUERLAIN dedicates to its famous Météorites illuminating powder pearls. Its base consits of two shells, internal and external, respectively made of white and crystal clear injected SAN. Then, it has been recovered by a pearly white spray and finished with a silkscreened pass of gold. The cap, that is also made of two parts, reveals a delicate gold decoration through the gradient pearly white finish.

Technically, the challenge was to get a homogeneous pearly white lacquering on the base and an homogeneous gradient on the cap. The silkscreened dotted gold around the base has been made on a reduced area. Finally, the cap rises to the challenge to mask its technical aspects, such as the insert, and to enhance the gold decoration.

Technical features
Inner jar injected in white
Outer jar injected in clear
Full pearly white spray on outer jar
1 pass of silk screened gold
Clear UV varnish

Injected in clear
Cap inset injected in white with mirror
Gradient pearly white spray
UV clear varnish
1 Sticker to be assembled on top of insert (Designed and supplied by GUERLAIN)

*"delighted Meteorite flakes"
The Volupté Blush Collection Spring Look 2015 : elegance and perfection by COSMOGEN for YVES-SAINT-LAURENT Beauté
YVES SAINT-LAURENT-Beauté entrusted COSMOGEN for making this ball shaped brush that is so feminine with its fuchsia color. It is totally dedicated to the application of blush. Its soft tuft made of synthetic fiber and tapered bristles, is designed to capture the powder pigments and apply them with delicacy and lightness. This brush is perfect for an elegant and homogeneous appearance. Follow the line of the cheekbones, tap on their curved part and slightly stretch the blush outward.

Technical specifications:

Tuft: Tapered bristles in colored synthetic fiber, with strong ability to grip powder
Handle: black wood lacquered with silk screened logo
Ferrule: aluminum