Cosmogen Creates Top Tips for Lips (05/09/2014)
COSMOGEN has elaborated a range of fully or partially flocked applicators tips that are totally adapted to different kinds of application and lip design. Made of soft and luxurious material, they pulp the lips, while they perfectly smooth the formula and allow a nice and glossy effect. Their unique shapes also enable to apply the right quantity of product. Great for lipgloss, concealer etc.
They are available in different durometers for different flexibilities: Hytrel, PE, etc.
Triball Tube by Cosmogen (08/04/2014)
COSMOGEN designed the TRIBALL TUBE to offer unlimited uses with various skin care products: eye contouring cream, wrinkle reduction cream, scar treatments.
The applicator features three stainless steel circulating balls that not only allow even distribution of product, but also provides a cooling effect during application and a massaging feel which boosts lymphatic circulation. Contours to all areas of the body, helps to reduce puffy or tired eyes and a smooth rolling application designed for use on even the most sensitive skin.