Renaud Van den Berg COSMOGEN's New General Manager (18/02/2014)
Gérard GIEUX, who founded COSMOGEN in 1982, appointed Renaud VAN DEN BERG as General Manager of the 30-year old company.
As an Engineer, Renaud VAN DEN BERG has 25 years of experience in the management of industrial companies in France, in Africa, in Asia (Philippines, Thailand, Korea, China), especially in cosmetics packaging and luxury industry: QUALIPAC, GL, AUGROS, ESSILOR.
His expertise in management and organization, his knowledge of the international markets, especially Asia, and his mastery of industrial matters and outsourcing confirms COSMOGEN as a leader and an innovative partner for cosmetic brands, in the design of their packaging, brushes and applicators.
COSMOGEN: Accuracy and Art (11/02/2014)
COSMOGEN follows the trend and developed NAILART, a range of brushes for nail decoration. 10 specific brush tips help make decorations on the nails with skill and creativity. Shapes are customizable. Several choices of fibers and materials are also available. NAILART is a professional line that has already inspired Bourjois (Dotting Tool and Professional Nail Art Brush) Nocibé (Nail Art Brush).
The 10 brushes are :
Fan brush; Inclined liner brush; Long liner brush; Metal tip, Small oval brush; Special French manicure brush; Square brush; Liner Brush; Strass Picker; Oval brush.